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Valentines Day - Jewelry That Doesn't Break the Bank.

January 15, 2018

Valentines Day -  Jewelry That Doesn't Break the Bank.

"Love isn’t something you find. Love is something that finds you."

It can be hard finding the perfect Valentine's Day gift, but don’t worry Bellman Jewelers is here with some very fun and affordable ideas!

These first few pieces can all be customized in some way. The first is a beautiful White, Yellow or Rose gold heart that can be engraved with a special message. 

Gold - $285 Sterling $65 With Free engraving!

The second item is a customizable name plate can do up to 8 letters. That can be made in any metal from sterling to White, Yellow or Rose gold.

Gold $385 Sterling $195 (This item has a two-three week turnaround time. Please order in advance.)

Custom Name Necklace

The third is a beautiful small pendant with a heart cut out that can be left plain or have an engraving added to the front or back! It comes in White, yellow and Rose Gold. 

Sterling $65 Gold $365 with free engraving! (This item needs a one week lead time to have ready for Valentine’s Day)

The Fourth Item is one of our most popular, the simple engravable plate. This item is elegant and can be worn alone or stocked with another pendant. It comes in White, Yellow and Rose Gold and Sterling Silver.

Gold $ 575, Sterling $135 with Free engraving!

Our Fifth and Final piece will be one of our own and also one of our best sellers. It is our New Hampshire Pendant. This is a piece we created, we set a small diamond in your hometown and it can also be engraved. These come in all metal colors and sterling

Sterling -$110 and Gold $425 with the diamond set. (This piece can also be ordered on our site.) (This needs to be ordered one week before Valentine's Day.


NH Pendant

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