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At Bellman’s, we have been in the business of manufacturing jewelry from the very beginning…

Years ago, a jewelry store actually sold jewelry that they manufactured themselves.  We’ve all seen the old Victorian or Antique rings with their intricate hand-crafted designs.  Today, the majority of “jewelers” simply buy finished jewelry from overseas manufacturers and resell it in their stores.

At Bellman’s, we have been in the business of manufacturing jewelry from the very beginning…and we still do it today.  In fact, custom design jewelry represents a substantial volume of our business.  We have embraced the latest CAD technology and the ability to print wax models of our rings.  This makes the art of custom design jewelry fun and affordable.  Now, instead of choosing between two rings that you like, combine the best of both into one perfect ring.

You can choose the size and shape of every diamond; you can add colored gemstones or design a free-flow piece that you drew yourself. You decide on what karat gold and what color – white, yellow, pink, and even blue gold is possible.  If you want platinum, we can do that too.  No combination of metals is beyond our capabilities.

It generally takes about one week to finalize a CAD design and about two weeks or less to completely manufacture the ring, pendant or necklace.  Most stores take that long to size one ring!  Our team of designers, casters, polishers, setters and gemologists work together, each doing the work they have been trained for; not just a single bench jeweler who tries to do it all.

It’s easy…bring in photos, drawings, or an old, worn out ring from the past and we will design and manufacture a ring that is truly unique and a work of art.  Below you will see just a few samples of the many custom pieces of jewelry Bellman’s has manufactured.

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