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The 4 Steps in Making Custom Jewelery

Custom Jewelry - Step 1

The first step in the custom jewelry process is getting an idea of the look you would like to create. We can use many different mediums to achieve this goal. One is giving us a simple hand drawing, you would believe the beautiful rings we have create from a simple drawing on a scrap piece of paper. Two you can bring in photos from the internet and we can create the ring you saw or take parts from many rings and put them all together. Three if you have the ability to do so make us a sample of the ring in CAD software from work or home. If your a painter paint it, if you sculpt make it out of clay! No matter how you show us your idea we will make sure it comes true.

Custom Jewelry - Step 2

Step two is when the fun begins, we start drawing the CAD for you. This process is relatively quick based on the complexity of the piece. We create this to give you a beautiful visual of what the piece will look like. We generally do not include anything like beading and engraving which is done completely by hand by our master jewelers. We make as many changes as necessary to create the perfect ring, these changes are done AT NO EXTRA CHARGE. We do this to make the process simple, easy, and stress free.

Custom Jewelry - Step 3

Once the CAD is approved we move to the third step, 3D printing the ring for review in person. We even provide you with your own copy of the wax to keep and show your significant other after you propose or give them the gift. Once we are sure the ring is perfect and does not need any more changes, we use this print to create the final mold.

Custom Jewelry - Step 4

The final process is molding the piece, setting the diamonds or gemstones, and engraving or polishing the final product. We have all of our jewelers work together to finish the pieces in a timely manner. This whole process is generally 2-3 weeks but can be pushed to much faster in emergencies. With Three Graduate Gemologists on staff, and over 100 years of combined experience being jewelers, we know we can help you create your perfect ring. What makes Bellman’s different is that our expert staff does not work on commission and we also do not use crazy margins, or charge crazy prices for custom work. We are here to help you create the perfect ring within your budget. Come by and work with Bellman's true custom ring experts!

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