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Online vs In-Store: Where Should I Buy an Engagement Ring? The Unbiased Guide!

07/03/2022 | Howard Fohlin

Our world is constantly evolving and it is no secret that times have changed when it comes to purchasing products. At the turn of the 21st century not much had changed for the everyday person when it came to an online presence. However, now it is 2020 and the world has changed dramatically. Day after day online retailers are becoming more and more popular due to the multiple advantages that they have over their brick and mortar counterparts. People are becoming less willing to leave their house and visit a store when they can purchase a product off a marketplace like Amazon from their bed or couch and have it the next day.

However, there are somethings that still have yet to make that leap as an online dominant product. This includes things such as houses and vehicles. These massive expenses are difficult to buy online since they are big commitments and require the buyer to see them in person first. So, what does this mean for engagement rings. To some, this the most important purchase of your life so it is important to take all the appropriate measures when buying the engagement ring.

A lot goes into designing the perfect engagement ring. When it comes to where you should purchase your engagement, there is no right answer. Just like any other purchase, the best plan of action is to go with what you feel is best. We created a list of benefits for both shopping for an engagement ring online and in-store.

Online Stores:

Online shopping has become more and more popular over the years as people are transitioning quickly to the new age of e-commerce. Some of the benefits that shoppers experience when shopping online are convenience and cheaper prices. When it comes to purchasing an engagement ring online, you do not have to deal with setting up an appointment and meeting with a professional to discuss what you are looking for. Instead, you simply browse the collection the online store has available and pick from their options. Another benefit to online shopping is the discounts that are available. 

Most products online are priced cheaper than the retail stores due to the overhead cost being less when it comes to the business (this is not always the case). Online stores save in areas such as rent and therefore are able to reduce the overall cost of their products. However, do not confuse this with the idea that everything is cheaper online. Many online companies will set the retail price higher in order to discount it so to the consumer’s eyes they saved money. In reality, you fell for their trick of making it look like you made a huge savings when in reality you paid the true retail price.


The other option is visiting a jewelry store and purchasing a ring the old fashion way. There are many benefits as well for purchasing an engagement ring in-store. For example, you get one-on-one attention from a qualified professional that will assist you in answering any questions you have. There is no better place to ask for help when it comes to buying an engagement ring than from a jeweler. Another benefit is the ability to customize your own diamond while being able to visually see all sorts of different elements and designs in front of you. There is no computer image that is capable of recreating any first-hand, in-person look that you get when you choose to shop in-store over online. 

Furthermore, while examining the ring during the design process, you have the ability to alter the looks if you decide to change your mind. This means more customization and control over the overall project. The downside to purchasing in-store is that most jewelry stores do not have qualified jewelers and instead hire salespeople to run the showroom floor. If you are going to shop from a retail store, make sure to visit an independent jeweler with a renowned track record. Another issue is the inconvenience of having to schedule an appointment or wait for a professional to assist you in looking at rings.

Decision Time:

So now what? Are you still asking yourself which one to choose? That is okay! We hope that our guide to finding the perfect ring helps, but at the end of the day the decision is yours to make. If you feel comfortable with doing the process yourself and feel that you are educated enough in the purchase, then maybe purchasing it online is a better choice. However, if you have no idea where to start and do not want to make a purchase you will regret, then going to a physical store may be your best option.

Bellman’s Jewelers is an independent jeweler ran company that has an extensive collection in-store as well as online. We sell all of our fashion jewelry that is in store on our website as well!  We like to keep engagement rings purchases to in-store in order to truly help understand what the customers is looking for and help them throughout the process. However, we are more than willing to help anyone no matter where they may reside in finding the perfect ring from the comfort of your home over the phone or email. If you choose to seek help from professionals, come visit us in-store or schedule an appointment today. We will make it our goal to help guide you through the process of finding that special someone the perfect ring.


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