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Our Appraisal Pricing Approach:

At Bellman’s, only trained jewelry professionals will be completing your important appraisal.

Our appraising service is billed by the hour and not by the item.  We do this because some items, like a gold chain, take very little time to appraise, so why pay full price for just a few minutes of work.  On average we can appraise two to three jewelry items per hour.

Items left for appraisal: $95.00/hour.

Same Day Appraisal Service: $195.00/hour. (Appointment Required)

Items previously appraised by Bellman’s: $45.00/hr.

  • All appraisals include a color photo of each item.
  • You will receive two printed copies of your appraisals.
  • All appraisals are stored in our database; therefore, prices can be updated in the future without the need for bring the jewelry back to the store.

Did you know that the State of New Hampshire does NOT require a person performing jewelry appraisals to have any gemological training and/or be licensed to do jewelry appraisal in any way?  There are NO State of Federal educational requirements whatsoever. This may sound unbelievable but it is a fact, 90% of all jewelry appraisals contain information that is either incomplete, inaccurate or in some cases completely false. At Bellman’s, only trained jewelry professionals will be completing your appraisal.

Get Informed

Due to the lack of regulation, it ultimately becomes your responsibility to find a qualified jewelry appraiser to determine not only the value of your jewelry but have the knowledge and ability to identify and grade the quality of your gemstones and jewelry.  If you should have to make a jewelry claim and the information in your appraisal is vague or inaccurate, then the insurance company will not have the ability to adjust your claim properly and you will most likely not receive full compensation for your claim.

What Qualifications should you look for in a jewelry appraiser?

First and foremost, the appraiser should have attended an accredited program like the Gemological Institute of America (G.I.A), the world’s most well-known school of gemology.

Bellman’s has three G.I.A. Graduate Gemologists’ on staff at Bellman’s so you are assured that your jewelry will be appraisal accurately by professional trained jewelry appraisers.

Our Appraisers

David H. Bellman, G.G.

GIA – Graduate Gemologist (G.G) 1996 President, Bellman Jewelers, Inc.

Justin E. Krall G.G., A.J.P.

GIA – Graduate Gemologist (G.G) in residence Santa Monica 1996 and Accredited Jewelry Professional (A.J.P) Justin is a third generation jewelry and antique buyer with experience well past 35 years. He is a Graduate Gemologist from The Gemological Institute of America, and after graduating he was also an instructor at GIA teaching gems and gemology to professionals throughout the world. Justin enjoys buying coins and Estate Jewelry.

Michelle E. Krall, A.J.P

G.I.A. Graduate Diamond and Accredited Jewelry Professional (A.J.P.) Michelle has a over a decade of experience learning from the best (her husband Justin)! Michelle specializes in buying and selling estate jewelry and working with a global network of wholesale diamond and estate jewelry dealers to ensure the most competitive offers. She also handles all of the HR, Book-keeping, gold buying and estate jewelry sales.

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