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Explore Our Best in Class Jewelry Repair Services

Bellman Jewelers offers the highest quality jewelry repair service.

Unlike other jewelry stores that employ one person for all their jewelry work, Bellman’s employs multiple jewelry repair experts, each proficient in a different discipline of jewelry repair, such as diamond setting, ring sizing, restoration, colored stone polishing, gold casting, and custom work. We can do it all and do it right.

Best Turn-Around Times

How many times have you been told it going to take weeks to get your jewelry repaired? At Bellman’s, 90% of all repairs are returned to you within 7 days.

Best Pricing

We repair jewelry quickly and at a fair price, typically our repair prices are at least 25% less than other jewelry repair services. Like we price our diamonds and jewelry, we are looking to be your jeweler for life and by keeping our prices reasonable we will keep you coming back.

Bring us the jobs the other jewelers don’t want to touch, many times we have restored or repaired items of jewelry that other jeweler’s said could not be done. We can re-cut chipped or scratched colored stones and cut and re-polish chipped diamonds in our factory in Israel.

Watch Repair Services

We can service or repair most any brand or type of watch, and we specialize in refurbishing and repairing Rolex watches. We can also replace watch batteries on site while you wait for as little as $10.00.

Poor Repair Work

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A woman brings in her wedding band after a strange black line suddenly appears on her wedding band. I said this looks like tarnish, have you had your rings in chlorine or bleach lately. She mentioned having been in a swimming pool just before this happened. I ask if she had had the ring sized larger recently and she said yes how did you know.

What you’re seeing, is a ring that has been sized larger using a metal other than gold, it appears to be some type of low grade silver material that had been gold plated.

Bent Prongs

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Here is a type of damage we see frequently. A solid gold prong completely bent over, what’s interesting is that 99% of the time, the person wearing the ring has no idea how the ring was damaged. You would think that you’d have to hit your hand pretty hard to have this happen and that you would for sure remember it.

The reality is our jewelry is taking quite a beating during normal everyday wear even though we’re not aware of it. My theory is that when a ring hits an object hard, the ring absorbs the hit and we are totally unaware any damage has taken place.

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