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How To Wear Antique Jewelry

07/03/2022 | Howard Fohlin

Antique jewelry is beautiful, unique and timeless. And better yet, there is history with every piece. Sometimes, the beauty of the piece is knowing it was worn by your family members from generation to generation, but other times, it’s the not knowing.  These pieces have been around for hundreds of years: just imagine the stories each of these pieces possess. You never know, the antique piece of jewelry you own could have been worn by royalty at one point!

Let's be real, it’s no secret that today's’ modern style is white gold, dainty jewelry with halo’s surrounding every diamond and gemstone imaginable. Walk into any jewelry store, and their cases are full of jewelry just like what I described. I mean why wouldn’t they be? That’s what’s in right now! But, what if you are someone like me who wants to stray away from the norm and rock “old lady” jewelry? I’m talking jewelry straight out of your great-great grandmother’s jewelry box. Pins and brooches, old baby rings, charms and anything else you can dig up. Believe it or not, there is a way to pull it off AND have your modern-jewelry-wearing friends want to rock it with you.

There is something really special about antique jewelry. When I walk into a jewelry store and see cases full of it, I can’t help but feel like I am looking at a treasure chest.

Now, I know you’re probably thinking “but it’s so old and out-dated, how can I possibly pull something like that off?” Let me tell you how! If you aren’t a fan of wearing antique jewelry as is, sometimes, you just have to get creative!

Pins & Brooches:

First of all, there is no right or wrong way to wear a piece of jewelry. A brooch does not have to be worn as a brooch. Have you ever fallen in love with a pin or brooch but thought to yourself you would never wear it? To be honest, I wouldn’t either. What I would wear though is a pendant or ring; so why not give it a little TLC? Wearing a brooch as a pendant is as easy as having a bail added to it. Turning it into a ring is just a matter of adding a shank and making sure the pin or brooch itself is going to fit comfortably on your finger. These options are especially perfect for you guys who are holding onto something for the sentimental value but don’t wear it because its just not “you”- make it “you”!


I am a firm believer in mismatching. If my socks don’t match then my jewelry doesn’t need to either and neither does yours! You can really make a statement by pairing an antique charm bracelet with a more modern bangle. (Bonus points if the charm bracelet was passed down and has charms representing a family members interests & hobbies)

Stacking bracelets, or any jewelry for that matter, can really pull any look together and grab peoples’ attention! If you’re like me and wear a lot of black and solid colors, stacking and mismatching your jewelry is the perfect accessory to complete your look. If you’re thinking “absolutely not”, just try it! You never know, you may really love it, and you could inspire others to try it, too!



Rings are my all time favorite jewelry piece and they also happen to be the jewelry piece that attracts the most attention from others and yourself. We are constantly using our hands and catching a glimpse of them. I am staring at my fingers as I type this right now, and I am not happy with what I am seeing. I wish I had antique rings on every finger! Let’s face it, antique rings are fun and if you are confident wearing them, you will pull them off, no doubt.

A more modern trend right now that you are probably familiar with is “midi rings.” For those of you that are not familiar with midi rings, these are rings that don’t go past the knuckle. For all of you antique jewelry lovers, antique baby rings are the perfect rings for this trend! Baby rings were very popular way back when, but they have certainly died down. They do however make the perfect midi ring. For those of you who have been passed down baby rings and are thinking “this will never fit me,” don’t get rid of them quite yet! Try them as midi rings and see how you like it.

Bottom line, if you aren’t a fan of antique jewelry, give it a chance! It’s a nice change from modern jewelry and you might surprise yourself with how much you adore & appreciate it.

If this has inspired you to dig through jewelry boxes, but you can’t find antique jewelry you love, come to see us!

By Rachel Putney


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