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Mothers Day

07/03/2022 | Howard Fohlin

Give Mom Something Memorable This Year! She Deserves It!

Five Great Jewelry Gifts For Mom

1. A Mothers Ring, A mothers ring comes in many different styles single stone multi-stone whichever best suits her! Every stone in the ring should represent the birth months of each child. These ring in silver start around $150 and Gold Starts around $500 it is all based on metal and stone type.

Some options above, there are hundreds of designs! Come in and our staff with help you create the perfect mother's ring. Average turnaround time 1-2.5 weeks based on the vendor.

2. Watches, Because watches are a great fashion accessory that can be worn almost every day.

Here are some great examples watches start around $250

  1. Beautiful Heart Pendants from Charles Krypell. These beautifully designed hearts can represent your love or the love from all of your children! Starting at $300-$595

  1. Give her a beautiful NH Pendant. We have custom made a NH pendant, we set a diamond in your hometown! $110 for Silver and $300 for Gold.

  1. One great option is simple yet beautiful pearl or diamond studs! These are wonderful gifts that can be worn every day with every outfit and almost never need to be taken out! Pearl and Diamond's studs are a staple.

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