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Finding Out Her Ring Size Discreetly

07/03/2022 | Howard Fohlin


When you are preparing to propose, it is important to get the ring size close to correct. It is important that the ring is either perfectly sized or a little big because if it is too small it won’t fit on her finger during the proposal which can be a letdown. Most rings can survive being sized up or down 1.5 sizes without too much loss of integrity. 

Fun fact: the average person’s right hand is larger than the left so if you get the size from the right it is almost guaranteed to go on but it may be a little big. 

Here are some good ideas for figuring out ring size.

  1. Take a ring she already wears and draw a circle inside of it on a piece of paper, then bring it in and we can lay a ring sizer over it to match the size. It is important to make sure the ring is worn on one of her ring fingers.
  2. This one is the most obvious: borrow a ring without her noticing and take it in to be sized.
  3. Ask her best friend or mom if they know her size.
  4. This idea I got from a customer. Go buy her a very cheap silver ring that definitely didn’t fit then bring her back to the store and get her sized and also get her other fingers checked.

If you buy an engagement ring from us at Bellman Jewelers, the first sizing is free, so you won’t have to worry at all.

Come into Bellman Jewelers and visit us or work with us via phone and email we sell rings all over the country. We are located in Tax free NH.

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