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Emma & Ben: Portsmouth, New Hampshire Micro-Wedding

07/03/2022 | Howard Fohlin

The Couple: Emma and Ben

Although their wedding was altered like many other couples this year due to Covid-19, Emma and Ben made the best out of their situation and showed that true love can conquer anything. Although Emma and Ben have yet to be able to celebrate their wedding to the fullest, they were able to get married in front of a few friends and family members. The pictures they shared are stunning and goes to show that the most important factor on your wedding day is being able to be with the ones you love!

Love Story:

Both being Plymouth State alumni, Emma and Ben met while still enrolled and living on campus. They were introduced through mutual friends one night while eating dinner at the dining hall. At first sight Ben knew Emma was special and wanted to get to know her more. How did he go about this you may ask, no other than by inviting himself to a yoga class she was attending and then pursuing to show up in khakis and a flannel (maybe not the best choice of clothing for yoga, but you have to respect the passion Ben had for getting to know Emma more). Their friendship grew overtime until Ben asked Emma out on a date and the couple went to Boston for a Red Sox game. The two then spent the past years together making memories and sharing laughter each and every day!

Engagement Ring:

When Ben was ready to propose and ask Emma for her hand in marriage, he began to start shopping around for engagement rings. A little nervous at first just like most people, he began looking at rings online before visiting stores. In the summer of 2018, Ben visited Bellman Jewelers and worked directly with his trusted friend, Alex. He recalls the process as a very easy and upfront experience. Any confusions he had towards the buying process of an engagement ring were resolved. He recalls the 4 C’s and many other aspects of what makes up a diamond’s worth and says he feels a lot more educated than prior to his visit. Ben mentioned that he was able to stay under his budget which was something that he did not expect going into it. Ben was so happy to be able to create a ring that he loved and knew that Emma would cherish! Finding the perfect engagement ring can be a daunting challenge since you want it to be perfect. Ben shared that this is most definitely true, but as the process moved on his stress was relieved and he was able to enjoy the experience. Ben found the ring and it could not be more stunning!


The two spent 7 years as a couple and shared countless memories together that embarked their love for each other. However, no bigger memory up to the date could compare to what would happen on November 3, 2018. Alongside the Piscataqua River in Portsmouth, NH, Ben knew it was the perfect time to propose with all their friends there. Although Emma knew that one day the two would get engaged, she was still very much surprised when Ben dropped down to one knee and proposed. Emma could sense something was up leading up to the moment, but assumed she was getting a new dog. As great as a new dog sounds, I think we can all agree that getting proposed to is a better surprise! That fall night was truly a special night that both hold close to their hearts!

Dress and Wedding Bands:

With Covid-19 causing many issues with the current landscape, Emma and Ben were unable to celebrate their wedding to the fullest. With that being said Emma has yet to be able to wear her wedding dress that she initially picked out. Emma said yes to the dress of her dreams when she visited Kleinfeld Bridal in New York, which is the store that the hit TV show “Say Yes to the Dress” takes place. She recalls the time there as a truly remarkable experience and very exciting throughout the process. She tried on a few dresses but knew that the first option she tried on was the one. She went with the dress since it was not super casual but also not over the top which is exactly what she was looking for!

For their micro-wedding, Emma went with an Anthropologie dress and expressed that she cannot wait for the larger ceremony next year where she can finally wear the dress of her dreams.

Emma and Ben decided to go back to Bellman Jewelers when it came to their wedding bands. Since they were so pleased with their experience the first time around, they knew Bellman’s was the place to go for their wedding bands. Emma and Ben were both able to find the perfect wedding bands for themselves. Since Emma wanted a wedding band that would work well with her engagement ring, she was able to have custom work done in order to have the diamonds on both rings match.

Idea for the Wedding: 

The two of them decided to go with the The Barn on the Pemi after they were recommended by friends to check the place out. At first they were not certain if this would be their location, but once they got there and had a chance to see it in person, they knew it was the perfect choice. The location will present amazing scenery when the couple has their day next spring! Emma and Ben explained that they fell in love with the venue due to the old, reconstructed barn style that is simple, but elegant at the same time. The open concept floor plan is great for a party and the greenhouse is the ideal place for a ceremony especially come spring when the flowers are blooming! If that was not enough to convince someone, step outside and get a look at the breathtaking views of the Pemi River alongside the mountains up north! What more could you ask for!

Pre-wedding Thoughts:

Leading up to their micro-wedding both Emma and Ben expressed being excited and not too nervous. Ben expressed that he had a plan and was flexible throughout the whole process and being adaptable had helped him in their journey. For that reason, Ben knew that once the ceremony got going, the little bit of butterflies he had would surely disappear. For Emma, she shared that she was going with the flow and could not have been more excited leading up to the ceremony. Both said when they saw each other for the first time on that day, all nerves were released and replaced with joy and love! 

When asked if they will have different emotions for their ceremony next spring, both agreed that the wedding next year will be less stressful since they have already done it before. However, the butterflies will still be there until they see each other and just like the first time all nerves will disappear once again!


May 24th was their day even if it meant they had to get married in their living room! A saying both Emma and Ben stood behind with the uncertainty of if they were going to be able to have a wedding during a pandemic. Although they were unable to have their initial wedding, they were able to have a micro-wedding with family and a few friends. The micro-wedding took place in Portsmouth, NH along the water. The day was not what they originally planned, but still managed to live up to their expectation. Emma and Ben both agreed that this style of wedding was more personal since it did not have all the extra add-ons that comes with a wedding and instead was just a showcase of two people who truly love each other and were ready to start the next chapter of their lives together.

Next spring, assuming they are allowed to host a full wedding, the couple will be celebrating their marriage again with friends and family at their original wedding venue.


First Dance:

The couples shared that their first dance was slightly awkward at their micro-wedding since there were only a few people there. However, they are very excited for their first dance at their wedding next spring! They will be dancing to Die A Happy Man by Thomas Rhett. Emma explained that she is trying to get in contact with Thomas Rhett to see if he will perform it live for them since they have had a crazy wedding experience. So, Thomas Rhett if you read this, can you please help out our friends Emma and Ben!

Post-wedding Thoughts:

Looking back at their wedding, both Emma and Ben expressed how much they felt that their micro-wedding was a unique experience. They shared that with such few people there it almost felt like it was just them two and no one else  was there. This allowed them to truly focus on each other which was perfect especially during their vows which they both wrote on their own. Another memory that Emma shared was the letters they wrote to each other in the morning. She loved how heartfelt her letter from Ben was and that moment has stuck in her head since!


On behalf of everyone at Bellman Jewelers, congratulations to Emma and Ben on getting married! We all wish you a long, healthy, and happy marriage! Thank you for sharing your story with us!

Bellman Jewelers aims to make sure that everyone who shops with us is provided with the best experience ever. Our goal is to make your proposal and special day the best it can be. We want every one of our customers to know that they matter and we will do whatever it takes to help make your day perfect! If you want to experience the Bellman Experience, then schedule an appointment today!

-Colin McBride

-Alex Bellman

Special Shout Outs:

Photographer: Alexsandra Wiciel Photography

Cake: Paints and Pans

Florist: Ink Well Flowers

Officiant: Amanda Whitworth

Dress: Beholdnn (Kleinfelds for the ceremony next spring!)

Suit: Men's Wearhouse

Custom Jean Jacket: Georgina Head Designs

Food: The Ice House

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