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5 Styles of Engagement Ring Mountings That She Will Love!

07/03/2022 | Howard Fohlin

5 Styles of Engagement Ring Mountings That She Will Love!

Finding the perfect engagement ring is no easy task especially when there are so many options and you have no clear direction into what she will like the most. That is alright though since we are going to break it down for you and list our top 5 engagement ring styles that she will love!

There are many different styles of engagement rings that are available and unless your loved one specifically told you which type they prefer, it can be daunting at first glance where to start, but it is easy once we break it down. Here are our picks for the 5 styles of engagement rings that she will love!

Diamond Solitaire Setting:

A diamond solitaire ring is exactly what it sounds like. This style features a ring where the diamond is the main centerpiece and nothing is going to take away from it. The style features just one stone, being the diamond, in the center. This style is simple and perfect if you are looking for a style that will not hinder the overall appearance of the stone and distract anyone away from it.

Pave Setting:

Pave setting also known as stone setting is when small stones are placed along the mounting in a way that looks like the stones are paved into the main centerpiece. This style is quite popular due to the overall stylish appearance it projects. This design is created by installing small diamonds into the shank of the ring in order to complete the look. A great style for anyone who wants to add extra shine to their ring.

Three Stone Setting:

Three stone rings are the third style we will discuss. This style of engagement ring features three stones with the center stone being the largest of the three. The two side diamonds are slightly smaller in order to really allow the center stone to shine. These rings are sought after due to their nickname of trilogy rings. They are supposed to represent the past, present and future.

Halo Setting:

Halo setting rings are perfect for larger carat diamonds. The halo name comes from the resemblance to a halo on an angel. Halo setting rings feature a main centerpiece stone that is surrounded by a circle pave design. The pave diamonds go perfectly with the center stone and make the center stone pop to the extent where it looks a lot bigger than it really is.

Bezel Setting:

Bezel setting rings are typically the safest rings when it comes to protecting the stone. A bezel setting is when a metal rim surrounds the stone in order to hold it in place. If you are worried about losing the diamond and want to take extra precautions, then a bezel setting is the way to go. This modern look is perfect for anyone who values safety as their number one priority when it comes to the ring.

Overall, these rings all shine in their own way and are great styles that any girl would love. If you are unsure which one to go with, we suggest trying to find out what she likes without hinting at it too much. Look at what she already owns and what she says she likes in order to be fully prepared when it comes time to make the engagement ring. Schedule an appointment and we will show you the different settings in person. We will work with you until you find the perfect ring for her!

-Colin McBride

-Alex Bellman

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