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4 Modern Halo Engagement Ring Trends

07/03/2022 | Howard Fohlin


4 Modern Halo Engagement Ring Trends 

The halo setting ring is one of the most classic designs. A design intended to make the center stone appear larger to the eye, is a great option when balancing color and clarity over size. Halo settings have been in style for a while and this is no different this year. They are here to stay and we have compiled some of the biggest trends regarding halo engagement rings. 

Elongated Cuts:

A big trend when it comes to halo engagement rings is elongated cuts. This means using diamond cuts such as emerald, cushion, pear, and oval. The halo surrounding the elongated cuts is perfect for someone who wants the classic halo setting but wants to step outside the box and shy away from the typical round cut diamond.

Stacked/Split Halos:

Another trend that is emerging and is here to stay for the foreseeable future is the stacked/split halo setting. This mounting features a split shank that makes it look like you have multiple bands on along with the ring. The stacked look is perfect in wanting to stack jewelry without having to wear multiple pieces. Stacking jewelry is a great way to add depth and volume to any look and these stacked halos are no different. The double or triple bands combined with the halo of diamonds that surround the center stone creates for a great volume filled ring.

Yellow Gold Halos:

Yellow gold has never left and 2020 is an indicator of that. The yellow tint jewelry is perfect and is what most people are after nowadays. When it comes to an engagement ring, yellow gold is a great alternative to the typical white gold that we see most people go with on occasion. The yellow gold paired up with the halo setting is a match made for the ages. This timeless style will always remain in style for generations to come. Yellow gold is the purest of the golds and features minimum maintenance.

Seamless Halos:

Seamless halos are nothing new, but are becoming more sought after when it comes to halo settings. A seamless halo is known as “no-gap” halos due to the extreme detail in them. The center stone is placed perfectly inside the halo setting to prevent a dark space between the two. This gives the look of both the stone and halo setting being one piece and the transition from the two is perfect.

All four of these options are great and can be utilized in different combinations in order to create the perfect ring. You can customize your engagement ring to what you visioned when you visit Bellman’s Jewelers. We have an extensive catalog of options that allow you to pick pieces from and combine to build the ideal ring. Schedule your visit today.

-Colin McBride

-Alex Bellman

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