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7 Ways Not to Get Screwed Buying an Engagement Ring

07/03/2022 | Howard Fohlin

7 Ways Not to Get Screwed Buying an Engagement Ring

Buying an engagement ring can be stressful and daunting at times. Nobody wants to buy an engagement ring for the love of their life and then later find out what they thought they purchased was not what they were told. This possibility haunts men and women worldwide. With such a huge commitment and financial investment, buying an engagement ring is a purchase that will follow you for years. Just like in any industry, many people fall victim to traps and elaborate schemes to get customers to spend more. Going into the process with a better understanding of the jewelry industry can save you hundreds of dollars. For many, it is intimidating on where to even start, so we have created a list of 7 things you can do to help make sure that you never get screwed when buying an engagement ring.

Do your research

    When it comes to buying an engagement ring for that special someone there is a lot that is involved. The best way to ensure that you get the perfect ring for her is to do your research. Listen to any chance you get to what she likes and what she does not like, look online at rings in order to gain inspiration, and most importantly have fun in the process. Prior research regarding different types of rings, materials used, and diamonds are beneficial in gaining a general understanding and providing insurance when it comes time to pick out a ring. 

    Visit a jeweler not a salesperson

      When it comes to who will know the most about the product, a trained and certified jeweler is the way to go. Many salespeople who work in the jewelry industry for franchise stores are not properly trained in everything that is needed when it comes to finding the perfect ring. In most places, these salespeople work on commission and are pushed to sell for more profit instead of what the customer wants.

      At Bellman’s Jewelers, we have multiple experienced and qualified jewelers on hand as well as a very highly trained and qualified staff of salespeople who will provide honest and credible answers to your questions. We also do not work on commission and therefore work with you to find you exactly what you want without going over budget.

      Set a budget

        When starting the process of buying an engagement ring is ideal to have a budget set before going and looking at mountings and diamonds. The reason for this is because there are many options and if a budget is set it makes it easier to browse through the options. Some jewelry stores will try to convince you to get certain options in order for you to spend more. If you have a clear budget set from the beginning, it will not only protect you from overpaying but being taken advantage of. Always remember to shop around 80% of engagement customers purchase their engagement ring at the first place they visit, this means there are many consumers over paying for their diamonds. (view our other blogs on common misconceptions when buying engagement rings.)

        Understand the 4 C’s

          When it comes to picking out the perfect diamond there are four factors that need to be taken into consideration. They are known as the 4 C’s: color, clarity, cut, and carat (weight). Understanding all four components that make up a diamond’s grade and worth will protect you from overspending. A jeweler should be upfront and honest with their explanation of the diamond, however, just to make sure there are a few tips that are designed to save you money and protect you:

          • Cut is not only the shape of the diamond (round) but at its basic level it is telling you that the diamond is the size it should be. So, a 1ct round diamond that is excellent cut is 6.4-6.5mm.
          • Fancy Shapes like Ovals, Princess Cut, Pear, Emeralds etc do not get cut grades so, you have to learn about ratios so you know what the perfect length to with ratio is for the fancy shape you are looking for. 
          • When it comes to the color of the diamond, there are some colors that have little to no visual difference to the naked eye. Therefore going with a lower grade can save you money. 
          • When it comes to clarity, clear inclusions are non-visible to the naked eye so going with an SI1 or SI2 can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars without affecting the sparkle or brilliance of the diamond. Choosing a lower clarity grade is a great way to stay inside your budget and upgrade a different component. We advise you to ask to see one of each in a similar cut, color, and carat in order to make the decision for yourself.
          • Carat is deceptive on paper. Pay attention to the dimensions of the diamond. A .90 carat diamond cost significantly less than a 1.00 carat diamond even though they are only a few tenths of millimeter difference in size. You are paying significantly more just to say you have 1 carat.
          • Only buy natural diamonds that are GIA certified. All other certification companies are lenient in their grading, and GIA's grading is much more accurate. 

          Do not always follow trends

            This one is more of a heads up rather than a money saver. When we say do not always follow trends we are saying that you should not get what everyone else is getting just because it is trending. Be different and get something that you know she will love. If she wants what is trending and everyone else is leaning towards that great, but if not, then go with what you think she will love and customize the perfect ring.

            We will sit down with you and help you build the perfect ring from start to finish. We offer to make a free 3D mold of the ring you designed that allows you to see it before it is even made. This allows you to make changes. We want you to give her the ring she has always dreamed of and we will help you on your path to creating it.

            Do not fall for “huge sales on diamonds”

              This marketing technique is the holy grail of scams and is present in any industry not just the jewelry industry. This wording is a marketing scheme used to convince the consumer that they are getting a great deal when in reality they are not saving anything. So how does it work? It is quite simple. The seller will mark up the product two to three times higher than the initial listing price and then list it on sale for 50% off (ex. A watch is worth $50.00, the seller lists them for $125.00 and then marks them on sale for 50% making the new price $75.00) The seller makes more of a profit while the consumer thinks they got a deal when in reality they overpaid. In many cases, you can get the product elsewhere for a better price, but your mind thinks you are getting a great deal since the price is on sale for so much. If you see a huge sale of diamonds then it is usually due to the seller marking them up to high originally and using a sale to convince people that it is a great deal when in reality they are not saving any money.

              See the ring in-person before buying it

              The major benefit of buying a ring in-store and not online is the ability to see it in person before purchasing it. Make sure that before you leave the store with the ring that everything is as it should be. The diamond should be the one you picked out. Ask the jeweler to show you and verify it. If a jeweler refuses to do such a thing, it is a clear conclusion that they are hiding something. If the diamond you purchased was GIA certified (which we highly recommend) then it will have a serial number on it to prove it is your diamond. When purchasing online it is impossible to verify that what you bought is what you will get until you get the diamond shipped to you. For this reason, we highly recommend visiting an independent jeweler in-store. If that is not possible buy over the phone with a trained and highly respected jeweler rather than a franchise or online-only store.

              Bellman’s Jewelers has an extensive customer base in Texas that relies heavily on being able to purchase rings over the phone and online and even in-person visits. We designed a process that allows the customers to stay in control of the process even without stepping into the store.

              Time to buy that ring

              Now that you have all the skills needed to avoid being taken advantage of when buying your engagement ring, you are ready to start shopping around! Remember to ask questions regarding anything you do not understand completely. If they are not willing to answer your question or try to avoid/walk-around it...leave. Find a place that will look out for you and make sure you leave with the perfect ring.

              If you would like to learn more about engagement rings or start looking for a ring, come visit us in-store to sit down with one of our highly trained jewelers. Schedule an appointment to view our catalog of engagement rings and consult with our expert jeweler. We are dedicated to not only help build you the perfect ring but do so while staying well inside your budget. We are not looking to make a one time sale, but a lifelong customer that is proud to shop with us!

              -Colin McBride

              -Alex Bellman

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