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Lab Grown Diamonds

Lab Grown Diamond Information

Lab Grown Diamonds are real diamonds.

While 99 percent of the diamonds we sell are natural, Bellman Jewelers also offers a collection of lab-grown diamonds. These pieces are 35 to 55 percent less expensive than a natural diamond. Plus, they look identical to their earth-mined counterparts. MANY stores use huge margins on Lab Grown diamonds at Bellman we use the same very low margin we do on our natural diamonds.

What are the benefits of lab-created diamonds?

  • These stones are budget friendly; they are 35-55% less then naturals diamonds and always going down in price.
  • Many stores and vendors are claiming these stones are more eco-friendly at the moment we have not seen that this is true, we are always looking into new studies but right now the power these machines require is massive.
  • Natural Diamonds and Lab Diamonds are diamonds, they have the same beauty and chemical make-up.

Natural vs. Man-Made: What’s the difference?

Earth-mined and man-made diamonds are almost indistinguishable, and are made of pure carbon. The difference lies in the scientific process in which they are created.

Diamonds mined from the earth and diamonds grown in the lab are almost impossible to differentiate the only difference is the process in which they were grown.

Natural diamonds are created under pressure in the earths crust and Lab Grown Diamonds are created under pressure in a lab or manufacturing facility.

What is the appraisal process?

All the engagement diamonds we sell will come with a certificate form a third-party grading company and a free appraisal so you can add this diamond to your insurance.

Are they the same quality as naturally-mined diamonds?

Similarly to diamonds mined from the earth, each diamond varies in color and clarity grades. These diamonds are classified as Type IIa crystals, which make up one to two percent of all natural diamonds. They’re almost completely devoid of impurities, so each cut that makes it to our stores is truly exceptional.


If you are interested in see Lab Grown diamonds, we have a nice selection and can bring in any size, shape, color or clarity for you to see. Please feel free to reach out to us and we will help you pick out the perfect diamond. As a reminder Bellman Jewelers staff does not work on commission, we are only here to help you find the perfect stone and find or create the perfect engagement ring.

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