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Find a Ring As Unique as Your Love Story


Bellman Jewelers and Bellman Buying Group is thrilled to announce our partnership with Alaqua Animal Refuge in Freeport, Florida and The Lucky Puppy Rescue in Bonify, Florida.

The deviation from Hurricane Michael has left so many animals displaces from a loving home, food, water and shelter. Bellman Jewelers and Bellman Buying Group is donating 100% of the selling price of jewelry featured in the Jewelry for a Cause collection to Alaqua Animal Refuge & The Lucky Puppy Rescue. Alaqua Animal Refuge believes that every abused, neglected and homeless animal deserves a second chance.

Helping over 15,000 animals buying jewelry from this collation will be a win-win, help animals and own a gorgeous piece of jewelry. For more information about Alaqua Animal Refuge’s organization visit their webpage. https://www.alaqua.org

The Lucky Puppy Rescue works with the community, other shelters and rescue groups to restore the health of the dogs that come to us.

For more information about The Lucky Puppy Rescue please check out their webpage. http://www.theluckypuppy.org Dogs featured in photos are clients of Katie’s Canine Care in Destin, Florida.