Diamond Inventory

Let Us Help You Select a Diamond For Someone Special

To buy the best diamonds at the best price you must deal with the source.

Service, Price and Value!

Bellman’s, with our diamond cutting partners from Israel, purchases diamonds directly from the Russian diamond mines. Then, using Israel’s best diamond cutters, we cut the most brilliant diamonds you have ever seen! Anyone that’s ever worn a Bellman’s diamond receives compliments daily on their engagement ring! We are New England’s diamond source. Customers come from all over to buy our outstanding diamonds direct from the source, but to also save on state sales tax! The key to making a great diamond purchase is education and that’s why we created CoolSchool, the most comprehensive diamond training available online.

CoolSchool (coming soon) was designed to give you all the information you need to make an informed diamond purchase. Study CoolSchool and then come into Bellman’s and check out our diamonds hands on. You’ll learn more about what makes one diamond more valuable than another. Did you know that 95% of the customers that visit Bellman’s for a diamond ultimately purchase their diamond from us? Exceptional customer service, price and value are the reasons why we are trusted with people’s diamond purchases.

We Make It Easy. Find Out How.

Purchasing a diamond engagement ring can be a daunting task. We know what it’s like out there; inside every mall there are three to four jewelry stores each holding 30% to 50% off sales….every day! Then there are the big box jewelry stores with showcase after showcase filled with commercial grade jewelry, in expensive retail locations, spending million’s on advertising every year.

Once Inside, you stand side by side at the counter looking at diamonds which have already been set in rings. Sales personnel may breeze over the 4 C’s with you and instead focus more on their low payment plans, lucrative warranty, and service programs, which add hundreds of dollars to the final price.

Then, if that wasn’t enough, they have the nerve to charge you to size the ring and pay for an insurance appraisal. Jewelry really is a blind item; no two diamonds are alike, so telling one diamond from another can be nearly impossible. In the end, you must trust your salesperson and the store they work for that you’re getting quality merchandise at a fair price. At Bellman’s, the diamond buying experience is relaxed and unrushed.

We invite you to sit in private offices one on one with a trained salesperson who knows not only the quality of the diamonds we sell, but how to match that diamond with the perfect mounting.

We show loose certified diamonds, so you can compare the quality one diamond next to the other and then use our microscope to see all the details of the diamond without prongs covering up inclusions or naturals.

Our best advice is to shop around first and see what the other stores are selling, then compare their diamonds to a Bellman’s quality diamond. After shopping at multiple jewelry stores, you’ll see why 95% of diamond buyers who visit Bellman’s purchase their diamonds from us.

Some Helpful Advice Before Shopping

Considering how important and meaningful your diamond purchase will be, the team at Bellman Jewelers highly recommends that you take some time to explore the Cool School Diamond Knowledge Program by clicking the link below. There are so many mixed emotions that come with your diamond buying experience and we want to ensure that you have the most helpful facts at your disposal. Become a confident diamond buyer!