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What's the Dirty Little Secret?

Are we doing enough to keep ourselves and our families safe and healthy?

Millions of people like to wear jewelry on our hands, wrists, necks and ears.  After years of watching millions of dollars worth of jewelry pass through his hands and that of his staff, David Bellman, President and Founder of Bellman Jewelers in Manchester, NH had his “aha” moment.

First, he noted a common problem with all the jewelry. It’s filthy!  Then, he asked himself if he should be worried where this jewelry has been and if it was sanitary to handle it all the time.  To satisfy his curiosity and allay some of his concerns, he sent some samples to an infection control lab in New Jersey to have them analyze the contents of the dirt that builds up on jewelry.

The discovery was not just shocking, it was disgusting and worrisome.  What we discovered is: there is bacteria in that dirt… and not just a little, there’s a lot and it can cause infection and it is unhealthy.  Additional research shows that the two dirtiest items most people own are their cell phones and their jewelry.  We have indeed been missing something from our hygiene regime – sanitizing jewelry contributes to your health!

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