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Jewelry Myths That We've Been Told to Believe!

March 26, 2021

Jewelry Myths That We've Been Told to Believe!


For ages people have been told of jewelry myths regarding diamonds, gold, and gemstones that are in need of debunking. The industry has filled customers with misconceptions in hope to confuse them into buying something they don't understand or sell a more expensive product. This type of dishonesty is the exact reason why many people don’t know where to start when first looking to buy jewelry. That is why we created a list of the 5 jewelry myths that are still relevant today and many people are told to believe.

We hope that after reading our list you will feel more confident in your purchases in the future and will be able to tell when someone is trying to fool you.

The Bigger the Diamond the Better

We had to start off our list with one of the most common myths we hear directly from customers when they visit us. They tell us that they were told a bigger diamond means better. First things first, that is a total lie. The major factor in determining the overall worth of a diamond is its quality. The quality of the diamond takes in consideration a lot more than just the size. A bigger diamond can be better in terms of how large it will look on a hand, but the cut, clarity, and color are all factors that go into determining the true look of the diamond as well. You can have a 2.0 carat diamond but have awful grading in the cut, color and clarity sectors and it be a worse diamond than a perfect cut, high clarity, and high color graded 1.5 carat diamond.

Never let someone tell you that just because the stone is bigger that it is a better diamond overall, because all 4 factors of a diamond are needed to determine its true worth.

A Bigger Diamond Cost More

This leads right into our next extremely common myth that we hear a lot as well. That is that a bigger diamond will cost more. This is correct if you are basing this theory on two diamonds of that exact same cut grade, clarity grade, and color grade. If that is the case than yes the bigger diamond will cost more. However, if you have two diamonds and one is larger but worse at every other category, assume the sizes are relatively close, the smaller one with the better cut, clarity and color could be worth more. 

This is why we have all of our customers focus on the cut, clarity, and color first and then if their budget allows it and they want to they can increase the size of the diamond. The bigger the diamond does not mean you will necessary pay more than a smaller diamond, since it is all based on the grading on the diamond.

Lab-Grown Diamonds are Fake

A new alternative for diamonds is gaining recognition and people are opting into lab-grown diamonds over the traditional natural diamonds. Why may you ask? Mainly because they are more affordable and allow people to get a bigger and better quality diamond compared to a similar stone that is natural while staying in their budget. However, many people when they hear "lab-grown", they think "fake". Many people fear the idea of buying a fake diamond when they purchase an engagement ring. The fear of buying a Cubic Zirconia (CZ) Diamond is something that haunts many people. This fear has been transferred to lab-grown diamonds since many believe they are not real either.

This is not the case. Lab-grown diamonds are 100% real diamonds. They are made up of the same chemical compound of natural diamonds. The only differences between the two are that naturals are mined from earth while lab-grown diamonds are created in a lab. However, natural diamonds are worth more and hold their value compared to lab-grown. Lab-grown diamonds are more affordable but hold little value over time. This is why we advise all customers that are interested in lab-grown diamonds of depreciation in value and make sure they are okay with not having a stone that maintains its value over time.

Sapphire are Only Blue

A common misconception among many people. When you think of a sapphire, the first thing that comes to your mind is the deep, rich blue stones that we all love. What you don't think of are the “fancy” ones which come in yellows, oranges, greens, and purples. 

The different color sapphires are great for someone who is looking to add more color to their collection and add depth and flair to their look.

There are Various Colors of Gold

You are shopping for a new necklace or ring and you see options for the color of gold. The options include, yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. There are three colors of gold, but are there really. The short answer is no. Gold is only one color naturally, which is yellow. Unlike some gemstones like sapphires and rubies which come in different colors and shades naturally, gold is only yellow. 

In order to produce white gold and rose gold, jewelers mix yellow gold with other materials in order to change the color. So, all gold is yellow but we are able to have other colors by mixing pure gold with other materials, therefore this is the reason that there are three color options when shopping for gold jewelry.

Overall, these 5 jewelry myths are the most common ones we hear still to this day! We hope that we were able to answer the questions you had regarding these topics and can now shop peacefully knowing you won't have to worry about being confused. If you are looking get engaged or married or add to your jewelry collection make sure to visit us in-person or schedule an appointment today! Bellman's makes sure that everyone of our customers are educated on their purchase so that they leave confident knowing what they bought is exactly what they dreamed of!

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