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Gabriel and Co Engagement Rings

April 22, 2020

Gabriel and Co Engagement Rings

Gabriel and Co -  Engagement Rings


One of our fantastic vendors that we use at Bellman Jewelers is Gabriel and Co they are a strong brand that builds an excellent quality product; they also offer services and protection that others just do not.

The Gabriel brand spans everything from Fashion jewelry to Engagement Rings and Wedding bands for Men and Women.

Let's start with their expansive engagement ring selection, ranging from the most modern design to designs that would feel comfortable in the early 1900s. They have found a way to have one of the largest selections of engagement styles in the industry, from over the top bling to simple and understated Gabriel finds a way to offer it all. Each ring is designed to have a matching wedding band. This does not have to be the ring you choose but it does help start the process. 

If you somehow can not find what you are looking for, they offer FREE custom design work through Bellman Jewelers.  Make any changes you need to an existing ring or come up with a completely new ring. The custom process is no charge. They then submit the design to you via there Gabriel Magic App, which is free and allows you to view the ring in 3D, change the gold color and try the ring on. Still are not sure if the custom ring is perfect, they will send you a wax that you get to keep that is a perfect replica of your ring.


Custom Examples we have made.





Buying an engagement ring can be scary; even if your significant other is involved, you never know if that design is perfect until you wear it around. That is why Gabriel offers a one year warranty, so if you change your mind and you want a different design, they will allow you to swap it out for something of the same price or pay the difference for the more expensive model.

Their quality is also exceptional. All small melee is tested to make sure it's natural; each stone is ideal cut 57 facets on each stone no matter how small. The quality is F-H VS-SI2 based on the item.


Gabriel and Co-benefits

  • One Year Warranty covers swaps and if the ring is damaged ( does not cover the center stone)
  • Free Custom Work
  • Largest Selection in the industry.

More Gabriel Rings we have created. 



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