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Five Beautiful Places To Propose In New Hampshire (Best Places In New Hampshire For Proposal Photo's)

June 18, 2018

Five Beautiful Places To Propose In New Hampshire (Best Places In New Hampshire For Proposal Photo's)

There are so many beautiful places to propose in New Hampshire. We are lucky enough to have stunning mountain ranges, large and beautiful lakes and gorgeous beaches! We definitely could not have listed all of the locations so we picked a few to help you find some wonderful spots. 


1.  Isles of Shoals in Rye, NH 

This is a charming set of small islands right off the coast of New Hampshire. The Island's can be reached daily by a ferry named the Isles of Shoals Steamship leaving out of Portsmouth.  There are legends of treasures begin left on the island's but the best treasure would be a proposal with a breathtaking backdrop of the ocean and a lighthouse. 

2. Basically Any of The Lakes! 

All of the lakes in New Hampshire seems to be scenic and right out of a fine painting. One of our favorites is Lake Winnipesaukee, this is New Hampshire's largest lake and has beautiful backdrops everywhere you look! You get the view of the lake with the mountains expanding over the horizon from almost every angle. 

Some Beautiful Places On The Lake


Sunset At Carry Wolfboro Beach 

Mount Major - Over Looking The Lake 

3. The White Mountains 

The White Mountain have some of these most magnificent views in the whole state, during the fall and winter season the beauty becomes even more accentuated. 

 A quick and stunning hike is Arethusa Falls, located in Crawford Notch State Park. This 3.2 mile hike really pays off while the amazing 160 foot waterfall. 


 Another Picturesque spot to propose is Artists Bluff Trail, Located in Franconia. This simple 1.4 mile loop is fun and has a fantastic pay off with a beautiful backdrop of a small pond and the white mountains. 

 4. Covered Bridge 

Getting some history is while planning a proposal is not a bad thing. Covered bridge are a great past time of New Hampshire and create beautiful scenic photo's. 

 There are 55 covered bridges all over New Hampshire each on with its own unique look and story. 

5. On top of the Ski Resort Mountain.

If you both ski or snowboard proposing on top of the snow covered mountain always creates beautiful scenery and there is almost always someone there willing to snap a photo for you.

Some Locations with great scenic views are.. 

Cannon Mountain, which has a very cool tramp that creates a fun photo. 

Bretton Woods Resort is another great spot, the mountain is set into the White Mountains and has the fantastic and historic Mount Washington Hotel with its own stunning and expansive views of the White Mountains.

 By: Alex Bellman

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