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Breathtaking Proposal Spots in New England

June 03, 2021

Breathtaking Proposal Spots in New England

True love and a lifetime of happiness is the ultimate goal in life. When the day comes and that special someone enters your life, your dreams start to become a reality. Through thick and thin, bad times and good times, no matter what the world throws your way, they are always there by your side! That is why we make sure that when the time is right and that person becomes not just a part of our life, but our entire life, we take hold of their heart and make sure to never let it go since it’s the best thing we'll ever have.

That is why the proposal is so special because it’s the moment when both people in the relationship realize that they love one another more than anything in this world. The proposal is a collection of sincere and heartfelt moments where the love you share is put in the forefront and nothing else matters. The world stops for a minute and the beginning of your forever starts. No matter when, where, or how you choose to propose, the only thing that matters is who you are experiencing the special moment with! 

We decided to compile a list of 5 of the best destinations in New England for a breathtaking proposal! Whether you enjoy the outdoors or not, these spots are perfect for anyone and create for some of the best backdrops.

Artist Bluff:

Starting it off is a top destination in our home state! Artist Bluff Trail is one of the more common and trafficked trails in New Hampshire. Located in Franconia, which is about a 2-hour drive from the NH/MA border, the trail is located in one of the best spots in the state. With many tourist attractions nearby such as The Flume Gorge, Old Man of the Mountain site, and an assortment of mountains, it is the perfect place not just for a proposal, but a whole day experience seeing what New Hampshire has to offer.

Artist Bluff Trail itself sits just off interstate 93 and provides some astonishing views. Overlooking Echo Lake, the trail sits nicely between the mountain range which creates for some of the most beautiful photos especially come fall when the leaves begin to change. The best part of the trail is that it is fairly easy and is only 1.5 miles to the peak with minimum incline along the way! Don’t take our word for it though, let the pictures speak for themselves.

Acadia National Park:

Acadia National Park...the best Maine has to offer...next to the world famous lobster rolls of course! The national park is an universally agreed top spot in New England by New Englanders. This 47,000 acre recreation area that sits nicely along the Atlantic coast is home to some of the best views, wildlife, and shops that make it a guarantee option when it comes to proposal locations.

The national park located in Maine hosts amazing views of the ocean, an everlasting shoreline, and trails for you to explore. Lets not forget the shops and restaurants nearby that make for a great spot to grab something to eat and celebrate with a few drinks following the big news!

Kent Falls:

They say don’t go chasing waterfalls, but Kent Falls is one that has everyone flocking to it. The state park located in Connecticut is home to this beautiful waterfall that has people visiting all summer long for a swim. The waterfall is home to many proposals and weddings due to its beautiful scenery. The 250 foot waterfall is an astonishing landmark that was beautifully placed by mother nature herself.

The state of Connecticut is home to some of the best coastline views, amazing food, and historical spots, but the water fall located inland near the CT-NY boarder is on our radar. The water fall is a must consider location for any summer proposal as it provides the fun, outdoor experience for a nice summer day, while also sharing a superb scenery for when the special moment occurs.

Block Island:

A throwback to when life was way more simple can be found when you arrive at Block Island. The island that lies off the coast of Rhode Island is only accessible by ferry, plane, or boat and is a hidden gem from the rest of the mainland.

The island's uniqueness begins with the fact that there are no stop lights and chain stores. Instead the island throws it back to when the world was a lot simpler. The island sits on top of some amazing cliffs that are home to a day filled with trails, beaches, restaurants, and much more to enjoy! 

Block Island is perfect for the couples who wants to get away from the craziness of the world and spend the day where the time seems to slow down. A proposal followed by a day enjoying everything the island has to offer? Now it doesn’t get much better than that!

Stowe, VT:

The first and only town to make the list as a breathtaking destination is none other than Stowe, VT. A must visit town in New England that has grown its reputation due to the amazing views and countless activities to enjoy while there! The town looks like it came straight out of a fairytale and come Christmas time it resembles the exact image of the towns from your favorite, classical Christmas movie! Perfect for winter or summer, Stowe has so much to offer for all visitors from ski slopes and trails, to shops and carriage rides, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

The small picture perfect town is a great place to not only get away for a long weekend in the beautiful Northern Vermont scenery, but also be the backdrop for you to share the special moment with your loved one!

Where is your perfect destination?

The perfect spot is wherever you two are the happiest. No matter where you decide to propose, just know that the love you share for each other will stay with you both for a lifetime and after. If you are a Bellman’s customer and want to share your story of your proposal, make sure to tag us on Instagram @bellmanjewelers. If you are looking for the perfect engagement ring, make sure to visit us in-store or schedule an appointment today!

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