Legacy & Mission

Discover the Bellman's Advantage

The Bellman’s advantage has always been about quality jewelry at a fair price with excellent service.

To maintain our edge in quality and overall value, Bellman’s offers three major advantages for our clients. First, we manufacture the majority of our finished jewelry. Not only does this help keep our pricing very reasonable and competitive, but it also allows us to choose better quality diamonds and colored stones for our heavier, stronger mountings.

Secondly, Bellman’s buys our rough diamonds directly from Russian mines and then facilitates the cutting in our own Israeli factory – home of the best diamond craftsman in all the world. We’ve eliminated the multiple levels of middlemen and therefore are able to pass the savings and increased quality on to you.

Bellman’s third key advantage is our location in tax-free New Hampshire. In addition to considerably lower operating costs, enjoyed by New Hampshire businesses, a Zero percent sales tax is also a nice savings for our out-of-state customers.

These three notable advantages spell savings and increased value to you. But, we encourage you to visit our store and experience the difference for yourself.

Remember This

All jewelry and diamonds are not the same. At Bellman’s you can learn the critical distinctions before you buy jewelry or diamonds anywhere. When any jeweler adds a large mark-up to their jewelry due to many factors, including not buying direct and then immediately offers 30% to 40% discount, to create the illusion of value, this often costs you far more than you’ll ever save from the “discount”.