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We 30-day, return/exchange policy. If your purchase does not meet your expectations, we will be glad to offer an exchange or return up to 30 days after the original purchase date. Please note modified, altered items, custom made and most special order items cannot be returned or exchanged. Watches that have been worn cannot be returned or exchanged.
Yes, we can keep track of what your loved ones would like for their next birthday or for your anniversary or just because! We can make the gift giving process simple for you and unforgettable for them. Wish lists are available at all times and can be filled out at any time, by any of our staff.
Trade-ins on diamonds not purchased from Bellman’s are accepted on a case by case basis. If you purchased your diamond(s) from us, we offer you the credit towards the purchase of diamond(s) of greater value.
In most cases, yes! If you have a ring that simply will not come off, we can cut it off. There is no charge for this service and no appointment is necessary.


Absolutely! We service jewelry that has been purchased at other stores, from cruises, even other countries all the time! The process is the same. Our repairs are done once per week and can be dropped off any time the store is open, no appointment is necessary.
We work with multiple jewelers off site because we were unable to secure one bench jeweler that could sufficiently complete all of the different types of jewelry repairs necessary. So, instead we employ multiple jewelers who are experts in different disciplines. For example, we have someone who is an expert at casting and someone who is an expert at setting diamonds in order to ensure the quality of our repairs.
Our repairs are brought to the jewelers once per week. Typically, your repair can be completed during that time. In rare cases, it might take two weeks.
For over 30 years we’ve been earning the trust of our customers through outstanding service and our attention to detail, including caring for your jewelry while being repaired. When you drop off your item(s), we will examine your diamond(s) or gemstone(s) under a microscope or loupe. If you feel uncomfortable, we offer you to do the same and make note of characteristics that are unique to your diamond(s) or gemstone(s). When you return to pick up your jewelry, you are more than welcome to re-examine it under the microscope. Recognizing what’s unique about your jewelry, you will be assured that it is yours.
No, we do not require an appointment for you to drop off your jewelry repair item(s) and anyone on our staff would be happy to help you.
Yes, this is called re-tipping. The jeweler will add a little bit of white gold or platinum to reinforce the area of the prong that has worn down. If a prong is worn down or broken, it can allow a diamond or gemstone to slip out of the ring mounting and it is important to get this fixed. Depending on how many prongs in a ring need to be reinforced, at times, we will recommend a new head for the ring if it’s possible. Depending on the ring, we may also recommend that all the prongs get re-tipped at the same time to ensure that the ring looks uniform.
In some cases, we are able to repair costume jewelry, but it depends on the extent of the damage and the quality of the item. The best bet is to bring it by and have us take a look at it.
We do not stretch rings to increase the size. Rings are sized up by adding a section of gold or platinum to the bottom of the shank, then it is polished and refinished to seal the sizing seam so no break is visible.
When a ring is sized down a small portion of the bottom of the shank is cut out and the remaining sides are soldered back together. The seam is then polished and refinished to seal it and make it look like one piece again.
The price of the ring sizing takes into account a credit for the scrap gold that is removed. The actual amount of gold that is removed is much smaller than you would think. A size down might only produce a millimeter size piece of gold which during the process actually becomes shavings.
Due to the fact that white gold naturally has a slight yellowish hue because of the natural yellow color of gold, a layer of Rhodium must be electromagnetically applied. Rhodium is a member of the platinum group of metals and is very rare and precious. It is what gives a refinished piece of white gold jewelry its bright white shine. When a white gold ring starts to “yellow” at places where it gets more wear it is actually the rhodium wearing off and means it is time to be refinished.
Rings should be checked at least every six months. We offer free cleaning and checking of stones to our customers as a complimentary service. We will check the stones for tightness and assess the prongs to determine if they need repair. It is normal for stones to loosen up over time and for prongs to need to be rebuilt or replaced from every day wear and tear. It is always better to catch a problem before it results in a lost stone, so having your jewelry checked regularly is highly recommended.
Traditional class rings should be sized through the manufacturer.
Pearls and beads should be knotted for several reasons: Knots help prevent bead loss if a strand were to break, they keep precious pearls from knocking into each other and rubbing, and add strength to the necklace or bracelet.
A shank is the part of the ring that goes under your finger. Over time, the shank can become thinner because this is a point of regular wear on the ring. Periodic maintenance may require that you have the shank replaced to bring it back to its original thickness. Sometimes only half of the shank needs to be replaced because only that section has worn away.
Gold comes out of the earth a yellow color. It is alloyed with white metals, like nickel, to appear whiter. At Bellman’s, our white gold is 58% yellow gold mixed with silver, instead of nickel, for the whiter color. This creates not only a heavier piece, but most people do not have any allergic reactions silver as they do with nickel.


We also work with a watchmaker! Repairs are brought to him once per week as well. If for some reason, he is not able to do the repair, we are connected with other repair services and nine times out of ten will be able to get your watch serviced!
We typically always check and test the battery first to make sure that is not the problem. If the battery is not the problem, then we typically will send it to our watchmaker or service team for an estimate. We will call you and inform you of the estimate and at that point, it’s your choice whether or not you’d like to have the necessary work completed.
It depends. Our watchmaker does not charge for an estimate, however, if we have to send your watch out to an authorized service company, we simply ask that you cover the shipping expenses.
Yes, we can change most batteries in the store, however, if you plan to get your watch wet it needs to be sent to an authorized service center to be re-pressurized and re-sealed. This is the ONLY way that a watch will remain waterproof and can be guaranteed.
If we are able to change the watch battery here at the store, there is a $10 charge. If we need to send it to our watchmaker for a battery, there is a $20 charge.
No, you do not need to make an appointment to have your watch battery changed. Most days, we are able to complete this service for you in a matter of minutes while you wait.
We carry a selection of leather watch straps here at the store. We can also order something for you or send it to our watchmaker to see if he has something that will compliment your watch.
Yes, in most cases we can remove links on stainless steel watch straps while you are waiting, all for no charge!
In terms of watches, the word “clean” can mean two things. A cleaning could mean the outside strap and case of the watch or it could mean an internal cleaning of all of the movements. We can clean the outside of watches here at the store, but an internal cleaning would need to go to the watchmaker.
No, jewelry and watch cleaning is a complimentary service we offer our customers.


Every piece of jewelry is unique and there are several factors involved in providing you with a fair, accurate offer for your jewelry. We need to see your item(s) in person.
We use 10x-20x loupes, metal tests, leverage gauges, a Diamond Color Masters Set and scales that have been calibrated and certified by the State of New Hampshire. Is it a long process?

We respect your time and make the process simple. If you call ahead, we can insure we can accommodate your schedule and have an appropriate staff member available to serve you. Typically, we will examine your items, present an offer and exchange payment during one appointment.

Sometimes, we purchase jewelry or item(s) to melt down and at times, we purchase jewelry to add to our estate collection. What we pay for scrap purposes is different than what we would offer on jewelry that would be added to our collection.

What we would pay you for the item(s) that will be melted down is based on the price of gold, platinum or silver at the moment you visit us to sell them. The price is also based on the purity of the metal and its weight. We have certified scales that we use to weigh the gold, silver or platinum to make sure we have the most accurate weight.

Nothing could be further from the truth. People ask us this question all the time and we understand that being buzzed into a retail store can be intimidating, however, security is the main reason.

The truth is, the door is not locked to keep people from coming in, it is locked to keep a would be thief from grabbing jewelry and running out an open door. Nearly 80% of all jewelry thefts are the result of grab and runs.

Our security system has resulted in a safe environment for our employees, but also for our customers as well.

There are two different ways to get your appraisals done here at the store. The first way is to drop off your items. You may do this at any time convenient for you. When leaving your jewelry, you do not need an appointment and appraisals are done in the order in which they are received.

We ask that you give us 5-7 business days to get the appraisal done. We charge $75.00 per hour and typically 2-3 items can be done within an hour. (There is a $75.00 minimum).

If you would rather wait while your appraisal is being done, we would be happy to accommodate you. We ask that you schedule an appointment. The fee is $125.00 per hour and the same amount of items can be done within the hour. You leave with the appraisal that day.

Yes, there are! We offer appraisals for insurance purposes, estate planning, market value, and for liquidation purposes! For more information about the differences, please call the store.
Absolutely not. There have been times where costume jewelry gets intermingled with some fine jewelry when it has been dropped off for appraisal. When we notice that there are items that are costume pieces, we will simply set them aside for you.

Insurance Replacements

If you’ve lost a diamond out of your ring and it’s insured, please contact your insurance company or sales agent and report the loss or damage.

The insurance adjuster will contact you to arrange replacement or repair either with Bellman Jewelers or you can ask that Bellman’s does the work, it’s your choice.

You bring the item into Bellman’s. We do the repair or replacement, usually in one week or less.

In most cases, we bill the insurance company directly after you pick up your repair and sign a certificate of satisfaction. Sometimes, they send a check directly to you to pay for the repair or replacement.

General Jewelry

The best method to clean a piece of jewelry is by far by using the ultrasonic and steam machine at the store, unfortunately, those machines are not available for you at home. There are limited options, but we recommend using a mild cleanser and soft bristled brush. We have also developed an at home jewelry cleaning system called the AquaSonic Wave, check out the website.
Gemstones are considered precious because of their rarity, color and hardness. Diamonds, emeralds, sapphires and rubies are considered precious stones. Other gemstones fall under the semi-precious category.
Sometimes jewelry can leave black or greenish marks on the skin. Some may think that this is because you are allergic to the metal, however, more often than not, it’s just the reaction between the metals with your skin.

Copper: Can turn skin green.

Silver: Can turn skin black because silver tarnishes.

Nickel: Can turn skin green. If you are allergic to nickel, you won’t just have stained skin. Jewelry that contains the metal will make your skin itchy and red where it comes in contact with your body.

Gold: Rarely will stain skin, but the other alloys mixed with gold to create its color may. For example, white gold may be gold mixed with nickel or silver to create the white appearance. Many people do have a reaction to nickel, that’s why Bellman’s only uses gold mixed with silver. It creates a heavier gold and eliminates a problem with a reaction with nickel.

There are ways to preventing your skin from staining your skin. Trying keeping your jewelry clean and tarnish free can help. Also, try to keep your sky dry when wearing jewelry or only wearing the pieces for a short amount of time.

If you have allergies to metals or jewelry tends to react and stain your skin, try 18k gold (more pure metal), platinum, stainless steel or titanium when buying your next jewelry item.

Certainly! We can set your diamonds or gemstones into a new item and do this all the time! If your colored gemstone needs some refinishing, sometimes we’re able to do that as well. Let’s turn that old jewelry into something you’ll treasure again. In most cases, we’re able to use the gold from the old jewelry item and turn it into a credit for the new!