Plan Your Engagement

Let Bellman's Help You Select Your Special Diamond

There are certain moments in a woman’s life that she dreams of. Receiving an engagement ring is at the top of the list.

It Must Be Romantic

Yikes! If dropping an engagement ring in her glass of beer for her to find or potentially swallow, is your idea of the perfect proposal, then keep reading – you need our help!

All too often this special moment falls short. If instead of being on a cruise ship at sundown, sipping a glass of champagne overlooking the Caribbean Sea with the wind blowing through her hair the experience turns into a basket of chicken wings at your favorite sports bar and during halftime you pop the question so you can still catch the second half, you may miss out on more than just the second half! This is NOT her ideal engagement experience.

CoolSchool was designed to give you all the information you need to make an informed diamond purchase. Study CoolSchool and then come into Bellman’s and check out our diamonds hands-on. You’ll learn more about what makes one diamond more valuable than another. Did you know that 99% of the customers that visit Bellman’s for a diamond ultimately purchase their diamond from us? Exceptional customer service, price and value are the reasons why we are trusted with people’s diamond purchases.

It Should Be A Surprise

In nearly half of the engagement ring and diamond purchase experiences, the fiancé is directly involved. This happens with good reason. Most guys need direction while making one of the most memorable and significant purchases of their lives. There are just too many chances to make the wrong choice, whether the shape of the diamond or the design of the mounting.

Nevertheless, despite any special input your special lady may provide, the purchase should never be made in her presence. Even though she wants to have input into the decision, when and how she receives the ring should be a closely held secret.

Size Isn’t Everything

If I had a nickel… Since the idea of giving a diamond as an engagement ring was first conceived, the size of the diamond has played a role in determining the value of the diamond and in some cases the level of the commitment. Today however we now know that there are many factors that determine the value of a diamond and size plays only a minor role.

When you explore CoolSchool you will discover that of all the factors determining the value of a diamond, Cut is by far the most important factor to consider.

How Much Is Too Much?

If you’re buying quality then how much you spend will never be a factor.

Go To Her Father

It may sound old fashioned but this says a lot about your character and opens the door to a new relationship with both your girlfriend and the new family you’ve chosen to join.

Be Certain She’s Going To Say “Yes!”

Nothing is certain in life except death and taxes, but when it comes to engagements there are a few things to keep in mind. Number one – showing up with an engagement ring is no guarantee she will say yes.

Here’s a tough tale! Ask the guy who, at a hockey game a few years ago, decided to surprise his girlfriend, in front of 8000 people, with his intentions to marry her. No sooner had he shared her name and the question, “Will you marry me” live, on the jumbotron in front of the world, did she turn around slap his face and walk out of the arena. Ouch!