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Bellman's Jewelers
Bellman's Jewelers
Bellman's Jewelers
Bellman's Jewelers
Bellman's Jewelers


Keeping in mind that your engagement is one of the most significant moments of your lifetime, we’ve carefully selected engagement mounting designers that ... [+]

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At Bellman’s, we offer select designer jewelry collections that we are proud to highlight in our showroom. For example, the intricate, detailed work of Simon G. ... [+]

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Bellman’s, with our diamond cutting partners from Israel, purchases diamonds directly from the Russian diamond mines. Then, using Israel’s best diamond cutters, ... [+]

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We’re Always Buying! No appointment necessary. You may stop in any time or call for an appointment if you’d like. We also make house calls or bank appointments! ... [+]

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No Collection is Too Small!

We're Buying: Gold, Silver, Gems, Candlesticks, Watches, and Diamonds.

Bellman Jewelers

When: Thurs, Oct. 5th through Mon, Oct. 9th

Where: Bellman Jewelers, Manchester, NH

Event Hours: Thurs, Fri. 10 pm to 6 pm, Sat/Sun 10 am to 5 pm, Mon 10-6 pm

Come one, Come all! No collection is to small. If you have any jewelry, Estate or Antique Jewelry, Sterling Silver, Gold and Diamonds. We are definetly interested! Don’t miss out on this one-of-a kind buying event! Do you have questions? Call Justin or Michelle 603-625-4653.

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The New Gems of Knowledge Show

Retail Dangers on the High Seas Part 6 Part 6 of a multi-part story: Retail Dangers on the High Seas. We keep are attention focused on the very one-sided terms of sale that Elaine was given when purchasing jewelry on a recent cruise to the Caribbean. Our jewelry insiders continue to talk to Dave Glod an attorney for the law firm Rich May, P.C. in Boston. The phrase Buyer Beware has never been more relevant. Elaine is sharing her story because she doesn’t want this to happen to others. We thank Elaine for sharing her story. GOK show will work with Elaine to help her try to get the justice she deserves.

Tune in every Sunday, 12:30pm Eastern Time | 9:30am Pacific Time to get your questions answered and to find out what's new and exciting in the world of jewelry.

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Cool School

Get Diamond Educated at Cool School

Cool School is to help you in your quest to discover the secrets of diamond grading and evaluation. By reading the easy to follow tutorial, written by David H. Bellman, G.G, you will learn invaluable information that will save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars on your diamond purchase ... [+]

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Aquasonic Wave

What's Jewelery's Dirty Little Secret

Millions of people like to wear jewelry on our hands, wrists, necks and ears. After years of watching millions of dollars worth of jewelry pass through his hands and that of his staff, David Bellman, President and Founder of Bellman Jewelers in Manchester, NH had his “aha” moment. First, he noted a common problem with all the jewelry ... [+]

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